Daily Memo: India-Russia Relations, a UK-Japan Trade Deal

New Delhi and Moscow are looking to each other for support.

India and Russia get close. Several developments this week indicate the current state of Russia-India relations. First, the co-director of the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos said the company hopes to develop its hypersonic cruise missile by 2028. He also said that orders for the missile had increased by $1 billion in the past six months, despite the global economic uncertainty produced by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, India said it planned to increase its purchase of Russian coking coal and anthracite from less than 1 million tons per year to 40 million tons per year (worth about $4.5 billion at current prices). Russia’s total coking coal and anthracite exports amount to 46 million tons, meaning India would be buying nearly all of Russia’s exports. Russia’s Ministry of Energy has asked for state support to help develop the southern terminal at Taman, located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, to help deliver the products at cost-effective prices. Meanwhile, Russia has reportedly expressed interest in having India help produce a vaccine against COVID-19. And it was announced on Monday that India’s foreign minister plans to visit Russia in September ahead of the next Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and on […]

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