Daily Memo: India-China Standoff Gets More Complicated

China is reminding India that it can call upon allies of its own.

India’s frictions with its neighbors are becoming more entwined. The Pakistani and Chinese governments on Tuesday finalized an agreement on implementation of the Kohala hydroelectric power project within the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a series of infrastructure projects that seeks to improve economic regionalization. The CPEC passes through Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and the Indian government has hotly contested the project and others like it. Though many CPEC projects remain stuck in the planning phases, this one has added importance given the current border tensions between India and China. Indian and Chinese troops have reinforced their bases along the border, and there are reports that China has begun to fly J-11 and J-7 fighter aircraft within 30-35 kilometers (19-22 miles) of India’s Ladakh region. The U.S. government has been a vocal proponent of India in the standoff. Beijing responded by advising Delhi to be careful in its dealings with the U.S. and not to get sucked into the U.S.-China trade war and worsening bilateral relations. The announcement of the Kohala project is a reminder that China can also call upon allies like Pakistan to create more problems for India. Chinese military support for Pakistan is a much bigger concern to […]

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