Daily Memo: Cease-Fires Old and New, North Korean Anniversaries

Pyongyang shows off its big guns as the truce in Nagorno-Karabakh fails completely.

Editor’s Note: Astute readers will notice that today’s Daily Memo has a new look and feel. The alterations are meant to accommodate other content changes that will provide our readers with the same intelligence they’ve come to trust in a more digestible format. Please reach out with any comments or questions. Happy anniversary, North Korea. Kim Jong Un celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of North Korea’s ruling party by rolling out what appears to be a new intercontinental ballistic missile – one larger, in fact, than the Hwasong-15, which has an estimated range of around 13,000 kilometers (8,000 miles), and presumably capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads. The goal would be to sustain the North’s nuclear deterrent through a capacity to overwhelm the U.S.’ already-sketchy missile defenses. Watch for a test launch after the U.S. election. Nagorno-Karabakh update. The cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan that was brokered in Moscow over the weekend has already been broken. Azerbaijani troops are reportedly shelling the southern front and are taking fire in the regions of Goranboy, Terter and Aghdam. Beijing targets foreign tech. China is expected to introduce a new export control law that would effectively ban dealings with certain foreign […]

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