Daily Memo: Better Faith Between the US and Iran?

There have been small indications that both sides are willing to engage.

Better faith between the U.S. and Iran? U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed that Washington had entered talks with Iran regarding American citizens currently detained in Tehran. Iran has not yet responded, but its deputy foreign minister did say over the weekend that Tehran was considering the European Union’s offer to hold informal talks over the nuclear deal that include U.S. participation. Indeed, there have been small indications that both sides are willing to engage in good, or at least better, faith. Iran agreed to technical verification and monitoring activities by the International Atomic Energy Agency for up to three months; the U.S. contacted Bahrain to discuss ways to advance a negotiated political settlement in Yemen, with Saudi cooperation; and Tehran announced that it had reached an agreement with South Korea, a key U.S. ally, for the transfer of Iranian assets held in Korean banks. Legal action in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party and Ulster Unionist Party have said they will be taking legal action against the Northern Ireland Protocol, which establishes customs and trade requirements post-Brexit and which took effect Jan. 1. The suit is seen by many as little more than a political stunt, but […]

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