Daily Memo: Armenia-Russia Talks, Chinese Moves in the Himalayas

The Armenian and Russia defense ministers met on Sunday, which could raise eyebrows in Baku.

Armenia and Russia discuss regional security. Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met in Moscow on Sunday to discuss regional security issues and military cooperation. During the visit, which coincided with the International Army Games 2020, Russia’s United Aircraft Corp. signed an agreement with Armenia to modernize four Su-25 aircraft. The deal could exacerbate tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, roughly a month after cross-border clashes broke out between the two countries in the Tovuz region. Azerbaijan has repeatedly criticized Russia for supplying arms to Armenia and blocking progress toward peace and stability in the region. But Azerbaijan has also been working on strengthening ties with the Kremlin. On Monday, the commander of the Azerbaijani navy met with a delegation headed by the deputy commander of the Russian navy to discuss military cooperation in the Caspian Sea, just a day before Shoigu is scheduled to visit Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said Saturday that it had foiled an attempt by the Armenian armed forces to “commit a provocation” in Goranboy district and took an Armenian officer prisoner. The Armenian government is downplaying the incident, calling it misinformation. Chinese moves concern India. According to Indian media, […]

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