COVID-19: Countries at Risk of a Resurgence

There's increasing concern over a second wave of infections.

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COVID-19: Countries at Risk of a Resurgence
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As countries start to ease their coronavirus lockdown measures, there are increasing concerns over a potential second wave of the outbreak in some countries. The concern is focused on nations that were initially lauded for their ability to contain the outbreak. In an effort to prevent a second wave, some countries are once again tightening travel restrictions and closing down businesses. Though the graphic above highlights a limited number of countries, it’s likely that the second outbreak will affect others as well. Eventually, all economies will be reopened, at least partially, meaning they will be susceptible to an increase in the number of infections. It’s unclear how the lockdown measures will be eased and to what extent – that will likely depend on public support for lifting the restrictions and the intensity of the virus’ resurgence. Until a medical solution – i.e. a vaccine or treatment for the virus – is found, governments will continue to grapple with these questions as they face the risk of another wave of infections.

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