COVID-19: Impact on the Global Workforce

Employers and employees alike are still coping with massive changes to the labor force.

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COVID-19 | Impact on the Global Workforce
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Since spreading worldwide in the early months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the global workforce. During the first wave, amid the lockdowns and other containment measures, many employees in the affected countries were required to work from home. Those with jobs that were impossible to do remotely were laid off for months or lost their jobs completely. The group hit the hardest were lower middle-income households – people already vulnerable to unexpected employment changes and even minor financial losses.

Though the measures imposed in the ensuing months were less strict and the global labor market has made a significant recovery, there are still severe disruptions caused by the uncertainties of the pandemic. Many businesses have closed their doors indefinitely, while companies that remain open are still finding it hard to attract and keep employees. The global workforce is far from its pre-pandemic state.

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