Central Asia

An Afghan Peace Deal for Our Time?

The U.S. and the Taliban seem ready to make a peace deal. But they’ll need others at the table to make it last.

The World in 2019: A Year on the Edge

One era is ending and another will soon begin.

Ups and Downs in International Relations, All Eyes on Central Asia

Checking the pulse of our annual predictions, every two weeks.

To Reach Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Goes Through Turkmenistan

The Central Asian state could give Riyadh a way into the surging Pakistani natural gas market – and edge Iran out of it.

Daily Memo: Treaties on the Rocks, Pessimism in Poland

All the news worth knowing today.

The Predictive Power of Demography

History suggests the conventional wisdom about demographics and national power may be wrong.

The Currency Crisis Comes to Uzbekistan

This doesn’t bode well for the country’s liberalization reforms.

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