Daily Memo: Korean Peninsula Security Talks, Armenian Military Modernization

South Korea, China and Japan hold talks on regional security, and Armenia beefs up its military.

Daily Memo: Rising Global Debt, Lebanon’s New Prime Minister, Britain’s Foreign...

A World Bank study shows staggering levels of global debt, and the Lebanese president appoints a new prime minister.

Cracks Appear in the Turkey-Russia Partnership

The contradictions in the Turkish-Russian relationship, which seemed on the surface to be blossoming in recent months, are beginning to show themselves. Any one of these signs of trouble on its own may not be important. However, when grouped together, they paint a gloomy picture of what may lie ahead for this bilateral relationship. As […]

Forecast Tracker: 2019 November Update

A Cycle Ends The U.S. and China will reach a deal on trade, but it won’t end the trade war. On track Washington’s willingness to settle for a less ambitious trade deal was a major turning point in the trade war. All that’s left now for the two sides is to work out the mechanics […]

Daily Memo: South Korea and Japan, the US in the South...

South Korea stalls on pulling out of an agreement with Japan, and the U.S. conducts freedom of navigation operations in disputed waters.

In Central Asia, Can China Really Compete With Russia?

Chinese influence in Russia’s historical sphere of influence is growing.

Daily Memo: Russia Skirts Sanctions, Spain Fights US Legislation, the Islamic...

Moscow and Spain make moves to protect their firms.

Daily Memo: Turkey in Syria, Russia in Armenia, China in the...

Tensions between Russia and Turkey may escalate, and Russia's defense minister visits Armenia.

Daily Memo: The US and Iran, Turkey in the Eastern Med,...

What's geopolitically important today.

Daily Memo: Attacks on Aramco, Developments in Afghanistan, the US in...

What's geopolitically important today.

Daily Memo: Bolton’s Departure, China in Central Asia, Iraq and Iran

What's geopolitically important today.

Daily Memo: German Investment, Kazakh Protests, Chinese Warnings

All the news worth knowing today.