The Middle East Since 9/11


Sept. 12, 2016 The region has changed significantly following the attacks 15 years ago.

Anomalies in Russia


Nov. 30, 2016 Are Russia’s banks failing or recovering?

China’s Prestige Politics


Oct. 28, 2016 October has been a busy month for Chinese foreign policy.

The Myth of the Arab Spring


April 28, 2017 In 2010, a fruit vendor put Tunisia on the world’s stage when he lit himself on fire.

The Problem with Fighting Islamist Terrorism


July 26, 2016 Radical Islamism is a movement, not an organization, which makes it much harder to defeat.

In China, Reforms Create New Winners and Losers


Dec. 13, 2017 The government is trying to push through changes but is facing resistance from vastly different segments of society.

The Surprise at Brexit and the Social Crisis Behind It


June 25, 2016 The pro-EU elite never imagined “leave” would win.

After the Islamic State: Too Little, Too Late From Saudi Arabia


Oct. 30, 2017 Iran is in a much better position to capitalize on the group’s retreat.

The Turkish Red Line and A Strategic Shift


Nov. 30, 2015 Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian warplane drew the country deeper into the Syrian crisis, even though it has been reluctant to get involved in the civil war raging across its border.

Xi’s Strong Control Over a Weak Economy


June 16, 2016 The anti-corruption campaign expands to politicians’ families as the yuan takes a dip.

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