The Global Consensus Against the Iraqi Kurds


Oct. 17, 2017 They voted for independence, but the major players in the region don’t want them to have it.

Political Conspiracies in China


Jan. 5, 2017 The Chinese president is becoming more direct in his accusations against his opponents.

What Happens After China


Jan. 11, 2016 The media was fixated on China’s stock market meltdown last week, but the broader significance of events such as these is their impact on the global export market.

China’s One Belt, One Road Faces Pushback


Nov. 21, 2017 Countries want China’s funding but not at any cost.

A New Roadmap for Political Factions


July 5, 2016 “Nationalist” and “internationalist” might better describe current politics than “left” and “right.”

Ideology Is Dead


The world is inching toward a new competition as a dominant power is challenged by other powers seeking to defend or achieve their national interests.

The US’ Old Friend in Southeast Asia


May 5, 2017 Thailand and the United States have long shared similar interests in the region.

The Crisis of Polling


Feb. 8, 2016 Polls are now less reliable in predicting the outcome of elections, as we witnessed after the recent Iowa caucuses.

Hostages to History at the G-20 Summit


July 5, 2017 Leaders overstate how much their relationships define national agendas.

Shocking News: China Matters More than NATO


March 23, 2017 A meeting between the U.S. and Chinese presidents is more important than a NATO summit.

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