George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: NATO Reacts to Ukraine Crisis

President Biden has addressed the nation on the need for strong sanctions. NATO forces have been deployed in Eastern Europe. GPF Chairman George Friedman joins John Batchelor to discuss the latest on where the crisis stands, and what it will take to end the aggression coming from Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Leighton Smith Podcast: George Friedman on the Evolving Situation in Ukraine

On this episode of NewstalkZB's Leighton Smith Podcast, GPF Chairman George Friedman discusses the likelihood of a Russian invasion in Ukraine and the unique imperatives and demands on all sides.

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: Latest from Ukraine and Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron has returned from diplomatic meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. GPF Chairman George Friedman joins John Batchelor to discuss the latest on where the crisis stands, and news from Berlin as Germany pushes for de-escalation.

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: Thirty One Years After the Soviet Union

1991 was the year the Soviet Union collapsed and brought the Cold War to an end. GPF Chairman George Friedman discusses his recent article "1991: False Dawn" and the way in which this was a defining year in history.

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: Lessons Learned from American Wars

What have we learned from the Vietnam War and other wars where the United States fought on foreign soil, and how have these conflicts shaped U.S. foreign policy today?

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: Russian Borderlands, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Will diplomatic talks between world leaders come to any lasting solutions with regards to Ukraine and other countries that make up Russia's borderlands? GPF Chairman George Friedman speaks with John Batchelor on the latest developments.

George Friedman on Life, Work and Money: Geopolitics and Economics

George Friedman unpacks the relationship between geopolitics and economics, with host Langley Respess, as well as the relationship between the United States and China, and how demographics is shaping our future.

George Friedman on the Gallup Podcast: Afghanistan Withdrawal and the Future of American Power

What do recent events in Afghanistan mean for the United States’ position in the world?

Listen Again: Understanding China

This week we are revisiting one of our most popular episodes to date. Chairman George Friedman explores China’s relationship with both the United States and Russia, as well as its tendency towards isolation. East Asia Expert Phillip Orchard breaks down the geopolitical imperatives that drive China’s behavior.

Lebanon’s Bleak Future; Midterm Forecast Report Card

A year removed from a massive explosion in Beirut, Middle East expert Hilal Khashan discusses the dire situation in Lebanon and its larger impact on the region’s geopolitics. Analysts Allison Fedirka and Phillip Orchard lay out a midterm report card on this year’s forecasts for Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

The Importance of Cuba; A Central Asian Shuffle

Chairman George Friedman discusses the recent protests in Cuba and dives into the past, present, and future of its geopolitical importance. Analyst Ekaterina Zolotova takes us on a tour of Central Asia and explores its potential for destabilization.

Money Talks in the EU; Giants Set Up Camp in the Himalayas; The Great Game Returns?

Chairman George Friedman analyzes the debate surrounding the future of the European Central Bank’s emergency coronavirus bonds program and how it strikes at the core of the EU. East Asia expert Phillip Orchard explains the tensions between India and China in the Himalayas. Head of Analysis Allison Fedirka explores how NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has teed up a new round of the Great Game in Central Asia.

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