The World That World War II Built

May 24, 2017 A handful of battles from 1942 to 1943 redefined the global order as we knew it.

The Dispensability of Allies

May 17, 2017 Trump brings unpredictability to his talks with Middle East leaders, but some things we already know.

North Korea Crisis: Neither Gone nor Forgotten

May 10, 2017 Secret diplomacy works best when it’s done quietly.

The Limits of Expertise

May 3, 2017 Beyond expertise, waging war requires wisdom.

An American Recession and the World

April 26, 2017 The U.S. appears to be on the cusp of a cyclical recession.

What a War with North Korea Looks Like

April 19, 2017 None of the options, apart from de-escalation, are attractive.

The United States, Syria and Russia

April 12, 2017 A strategy toward the Middle East requires more than short-term tactical moves.

Journey’s End: Warsaw and Budapest

April 5, 2017 A shift is emerging in Eastern Europe.

Trump’s Dilemma

March 29, 2017 President Donald Trump’s ability to make changes depends on whether his support rises or falls.

Notes from Europe’s Periphery

March 22, 2017 Both ends of the Continent’s periphery are shifting away from the core.