Merkel: Germany Should Emulate Asia

The German chancellor has suggested that increasing corporate mergers could help European companies compete globally.

The Battle of Norway

A new military exercise reminds us of a battle that never was.

The US Threatens Russia Over Missiles

Washington claims Moscow violated an arms control treaty.

Creating an Arab NATO

It is hard to imagine an Arab alliance that can cohere as a military giant.

The New American Strategy

The U.S. no longer wants to manage its problems primarily through force.

Iran’s Enemies Strike Back

The government in Tehran made its move. Now, it’s being boxed in.

The Myth of the Liberal International Order

It’s dangerous to pine for a time that never really was.

Why Idlib Matters

Sometimes the smallest and most obscure places generate the most concern among major powers.

America’s Global Engagement

The myth of disengagement derives from American rhetoric and not American actions.

Germany and Russia: The Long Dance

Perhaps this time is different.

Turkey in the Long Run

The crisis is part of a systemic problem that rapidly emerging powers frequently encounter.

Six Weeks in 2008 and the Forging of the Present


In the span of 40 days, the post-Cold War optimism was crushed.