Brief: A New US Military Base in Syria

The U.S.-led coalition is reportedly building a new post in northeast Syria.

Background: For years, the Trump administration sought to reduce the scope of the United States’ military presence around the world, decreasing deployments and withdrawing troops from several regions, including the Middle East. In Syria, President Donald Trump ordered that U.S. troops be withdrawn, though a small number remained in the country. The Biden administration is now reevaluating these moves, after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a full review of global deployments. What Happened: The U.S.-led coalition in Syria is reportedly establishing a new military base in northern Syria. The base, in the Ain Dewar area of Hasakah region, is being built at an old agricultural airport now fortified with concrete walls and equipped with a helipad. It’s the coalition’s latest base in Kurdish-controlled Hasakah region, which borders Turkey and Iraq. A convoy of some 50 coalition vehicles entered Syria on Sunday from Iraqi Kurdistan, carrying weapons and military and logistical equipment. It was reportedly the 11th coalition convoy to enter Syria since the start of 2021. Over the weekend, the Pentagon confirmed that there were roughly 900 U.S. military personnel deployed in northeastern Syria to support anti-Islamic State operations there. In response to Iranian and Syrian accusations that the United […]

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