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Winter is coming. Part 2

By: Jacek Bartosiak Sometimes offensive actions and the maneuver of heavy units are necessary, but they must be well thought out and planned, because this is completely different from defensive...

Winter is coming. Part 1

By: Jacek Bartosiak On the fields of Ukraine, the twentieth-century method of conducting land war (centered on attack, tank columns, a fairly shallow front, and always incomplete reconnaissance, where the fog...

Intermarium Strategic Survey 2 – 08/2022

Today we present to you another edition of the Intermarium Strategic Survey. In this installment you will find three texts recently published at the Strategy&Future webpage. First of the three,...

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Population Density of Canada

Canada is one of those countries where a vast land mass obscures the fact that the country has a relatively small population. While Canada is the second largest country in the world, its 35 million inhabitants make Canada only the 39th most populated country.

Live Updates on Ukraine War

All times are approximate local time in Kyiv (GMT+2). Friday, March 11 11:30 a.m.: The EU's foreign policy chief said the bloc would double its spending...

How the Ukraine War Will Likely End

As we consider how the war in Ukraine will end, we must first understand how it began. Russia invaded for geostrategic reasons – having...

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