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Notes From Europe’s Periphery

The European Union tried to envelop the periphery and the core into one structure. In theory, it was to be a union of equals, but increasingly it has become...

Why China’s Miraculous Economic Growth Has Come to an End…

“Sustained double-digit economic growth is only possible when you begin with a wrecked economy.” – George Friedman Full Story

Notes from Europe’s Periphery

March 22, 2017 Both ends of the Continent’s periphery are shifting away from the core.

The Emerging Post-Caliphate Syrian Battlespace

March 22, 2017 Conflicting regional and international forces are vying for control.

Watch List: March 22, 2017

The items listed below represent potential emerging issues that our analysts are tracking. These can be long term or short term, but will be updated daily. If an item...

Trump Administration Attacks Free Trade at G-20 Meeting

As George Friedman wrote: The U.S. indicated that it would not sign the G-20 agreement if it contained wording on free trade. While there is much discussion on U.S....

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China’s President Is in Trouble

The Chinese president has failed to manage the country’s relationship with its most important trade partner.

The New US Strategy to Remove Maduro in Venezuela

The Venezuelan president is motivated now more than ever to accept a transition deal.

The Origins of New US-Turkish Relations

For several years, there has been a significant shift underway in U.S. strategy toward the Middle East, where Washington has consistently sought to avoid combat. The United States is now compelled to seek accommodation with Turkey, a regional power in its own right, based...