All over the world, there are institutions that share our enthusiasm for geopolitics. Sometimes they even share our written work with their readers, so it’s only fair that we return the favor. Enter our Partners page, where we occasionally reprint pieces from these institutions free of charge for our subscribers. The content contained herein reflects the views the authors, not of Geopolitical Futures and its staff.

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Globalisation Has Not Killed the State

By: Fabrizio Maronta 1. Something does not add up in the growing debate on deglobalisation: the debate itself. It portrays globalisation as an inextricable Gordian...

The Long Century

By: Lucio Caracciolo 1. Yesterday ideology reigned, today identity does. It is this paradigm shift that marks the tempo of the grand masquerade ball we...

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Russia’s War Against Ukraine Updates

This material is developed by the New Strategy Center team of experts using open-source materials, and does not reflect an official position of the...

The Impact of the Russian Attacks on the Ukrainian Energy Sector

As the Ukrainian army advanced on the frontlines in early October, the Russian Army began a coordinated bombardment against the country's energy infrastructure, with...

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Winter is coming. Part 2

By: Jacek Bartosiak Sometimes offensive actions and the maneuver of heavy units are necessary, but they must be well thought out and planned, because this...

Winter is coming. Part 1

By: Jacek Bartosiak On the fields of Ukraine, the twentieth-century method of conducting land war (centered on attack, tank columns, a fairly shallow front, and always...

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