What We’re Reading: On Bullets and Bastards

Weekly reviews of what's on our bookshelves.

Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun By Paul Barrett Late last fall, on my annual hunting trip with some fellow idiots, a well-to-do friend of mine rolled up in his trailer and promptly unveiled his arsenal of deer-killing devices. A 7mm Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon, a Q Sugar Weasel chambered in .300 Blackout, a Savage Arms rifle the caliber of which I couldn’t quite make out, as well as a few others, all decked out in state-of-the-art optics and suppressors. I am not a serious hunter, but my friend is. It’s not uncommon for him, after putting his infant to bed, to search his property for some game, shoot it, dress it and cook it for dinner. To hear him wax poetic about the science of ballistics and the subsequent chemistry of cooking is really something, even for someone like me who is a little lazy and kind of stupid. I mention this because for all his lethal bells and whistles, when we plinked later at our makeshift range he was armed only with a Glock. “Only” may not be the best word, I guess – true to form, it was a G19 Gen 5 equipped with a red dot […]

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