What We’re Reading: Failures of Western Democracy and Iranian Resiliency

Weekly reviews of what's on our bookshelves.

Angrynomics By Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth One of today’s great questions is how to explain what’s happened to Western democratic politics in recent years – Donald Trump’s election, Brexit and the rise of populists in Europe. People blame immigration, wealth and income inequality, trade and globalization, social media and automation, demographics, urbanization and so on. In a book published earlier this summer, Mark Blyth, a Scottish professor of international economics at Brown University, and Eric Longeran, a London-based macro hedge fund manager, look deeper for their explanation. They argue that, while all these things play a role, anger – a complex emotion that everyone knows but few understand – is the common thread. Focusing on economic explanations, they say that the present form of capitalism has failed, and people are angry about that failure and leaders’ refusal thus far to do anything about it. Models of capitalism break down every once in a while. Blyth and Longeran present an analogy of the capitalist economy as a computer, with hardware and software, and bugs that build up and require resets and modifications over time. Version one of capitalism ended with the Great Depression and the breakdown of the gold standard. The radical events […]

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Ryan Bridges
Ryan Bridges is an editor with Geopolitical Futures, having spent years both editing and writing geopolitical articles. He joined Geopolitical Futures in 2017 and spent over a year as a geopolitical analyst writing on Europe and focusing on issues relating to the European Union. His expertise as an editor was in high demand so he recently made the change back to editing rather than analyzing. Prior to Geopolitical Futures Mr. Bridges worked for seven years as an editor at Stratfor. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, where he studied political science with a minor in philosophy. Mr. Bridges lives and works from Germany and also travels extensively in the region. He speaks some German.
Caroline D. Rose
Caroline Rose has a Masters of Science (MSc) in the History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Just before joining GPF she served as a Research Associate for LSE’s International Drug Policy Unit (IDPU), where she researched the nexus between illicit economies and armed insurgencies. She earned her undergraduate degree from American University's School of International Service and has worked previously at both Brookings Institute and the Atlantic Council. Her studies and projects at these institutions covered a range of topics, from Russian and Chinese cyber warfare, evolving American interest within a changing international order, and grand security strategies against state-led revisionism in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific. Throughout she's written for a diverse array of publications including Limes in Italy.