Crisis In Ukraine

The war in Ukraine isn’t just a Ukrainian affair. It has the potential to fundamentally reshape the global landscape. In some ways it already has: Germany is rearming, NATO has awakened, commodities prices are through the roof, and Russia is increasingly isolated. The extent to which the global order changes will depend largely on how long the conflict drags out.

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Daily Memo: Ukraine Halts Some Russian Gas to Europe

Payback. Ukraine's gas transmission system operator said it is halting the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe via the Sokhranivka gas distribution station...

Daily Memo: Philippine Elections, EU Chief’s Visit to Budapest

New leader. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of the late Philippine dictator, is poised to become the next president of the Philippines. As president,...

How the Ukraine War May End

Russia has been waging war in Ukraine for a little over two months now. That’s not an especially long time. The Korean War lasted...

Daily Memo: Britain’s Latest Russia Sanctions, Assad’s Trip to Tehran

New sanctions. The United Kingdom announced on Sunday a new round of sanctions against Russia. London will increase tariffs on Russian and Belarusian imports...

Daily Memo: Europe Searches for Substitute Suppliers

Gas alternatives. As Europe continues its search for alternative sources of natural gas, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said his country should be prepared to...

Daily Memo: Round Six of EU Sanctions

Round six. The European Commission unveiled a sixth round of sanctions against Russia. This round bans Russia’s Sberbank from SWIFT, bans three Russian state-owned...

Daily Memo: More Ukraine Arms, Deals to Counter China

Weapons for Ukraine. The United Kingdom will unveil 300 million pounds ($375 million) in new Ukraine aid, including electronic warfare equipment, a counter-battery radar...

Daily Memo: Russian Gas Games

Gas games. Russia’s Gazprom announced that it had completely suspended natural gas deliveries to Bulgaria’s Bulgargaz and Poland’s PGNiG over their failure to pay...

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George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: A Long War and Russia on Defense

Does Russia have what it takes to succeed in what some are now calling a long war in Ukraine, or will the Kremlin cut its losses? GPF Chairman George Friedman is back with John Batchelor to discuss the next phase in the war and how it might come to an end.

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: A New Era and Rumors From Moscow

For Russia, the invasion of Ukraine is only the latest and most important attempt to reverse the events of 1991. GPF Chairman George Friedman is back with John Batchelor to discuss how the war is signaling the beginning of a new era, and rumors of Vladimir Putin's declining health and influence.

George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: In Ukraine, Russia Repositions While U.S. Sends Weapons

The U.S. is sending more weapons to Ukraine, while the Russians reposition themselves in an effort to keep up their offensive. GPF Chairman George Friedman joins John Batchelor to discuss new developments in the war, including a U.S./Russia prisoner exchange, and questions of Putin's capabilities.

L’Express: Les Idiots Utiles Dont Indispensables aux Mensonges de Poutine, par George Friedman

Les Russes sincèrement convaincus par la désinformation jouent un rôle essentiel : ils garantissent la survie du système, estime le fondateur de Geopolitical Futures. Full...

Euractiv: Caution Is Required When Waging an Economic War

“As momentous as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is, the most strategically important event in recent weeks was the global economic war between Russia and...


Antonia Colibasanu on TRT World: Russia’s Export Ban and the Global Markets

Russia has announced that it will ban the export of 200 products, including many raw materials used by manufacturing, food processing, construction and tech companies in retaliation for Western sanctions. Antonia Colibasanu explains what this means for the global markets.

Mauldin Economics Global Macro Update: George Friedman on Russia, Ukraine, and Global Trade

The world order centers around trade in U.S. dollars. Both Russia and China have been sent very clear messages that that could be shut off overnight. What are the potential implications of that for both sides? And how does the conflict in Ukraine end?

George Friedman on TRT World: Global Implications of Russia’s Attacks on Ukraine

Countries throughout the world are reacting and making policy decisions in response to Russia's military assault on Ukraine. Chairman of Geopolitical Futures George Friedman talks to TRT World about the conflict and its wide-reaching geopolitical implications.
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