Kazakhstan: Crossroads of Eurasia

The country is developing into a key hub for east-west commerce.

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Kazakhstan's Growing Transit Network
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In light of the geopolitical shifts caused by Russia’s pivot to the east, alongside China’s push to forge overland trade paths to Europe and the quest for alternatives to Russian routes, Kazakhstan’s role as a transit hub is growing rapidly. The country is strategically positioned on several international transport corridors, serving as a vital link within Eurasian trade networks.

Over the past 10 years, Kazakhstan has seen substantial investments in its transport and logistics infrastructure, including new railways and highways, expansion of the Aktau and Kuryk seaports, and terminal renovations, alongside plans to enhance the Caspian Sea’s merchant fleet and storage capabilities. These efforts have started to bear fruit, notably in the growth of goods transit through Kazakhstan, especially along the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route.

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