Israel/Palestine Conflict

The fighting that erupted between Israel and Hamas on Oct. 7 was no ordinary flare-up. It shattered the relative calm observed in the Middle East over the past few of years – a result of Israel’s efforts to reclaim its international status; of Iran’s efforts to reconcile with its neighbors; and of new alignments slowly forming among erstwhile enemies. Regional leadership and power dynamics are directly at stake, as is the potential shape of the Middle East itself.

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The State of the Israeli-Gaza Conflict

The origins of the modern Arab-Israeli conflict are pretty well known. Gaza, the narrow strip of land running to the Sinai Peninsula, was originally...

The Drumbeat of War in the Middle East

Threats of impending war have permeated the Middle East since Israel’s establishment in 1948. Though Egypt made peace with Israel in 1978 and Jordan...

The Eclipse of the Palestinian Question

Until the 1970s, the Palestinian question had preoccupied the Arab world since the creation of Israel in 1948. Public figures and ordinary Arabs were...

West Bank Violence Stalls Arab-Israeli Normalization

Last month, three senior U.S. officials visited Israel and the Palestinian Territories to try to avert a third Palestinian intifada. National Security Adviser Jake...

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Daily Memo: AUKUS Expansion, Beijing-Taiwan Relations

Expanding alliance. South Korea, New Zealand and Canada are under consideration as potential partners on high-tech projects with the AUKUS security grouping, according to...

Iran’s Strategic Patience Dilemma

Iran faces a dilemma in the wake of the Israeli attack last week on its consulate in Damascus, which killed seven senior officers of...

Daily Memo: Eurasian Security Cooperation, Turkey-Israel Spat

NATO not welcome. Russia and China agreed to discuss greater security cooperation in Eurasia to resist U.S. pressure, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said...

Daily Memo: US Reassures Azerbaijan, Israel Prepares Its Troops

Clarification. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reassured Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that a meeting of the U.S., the EU and Armenia set for...

Israel and Iran Step Toward the Brink

Iran has sworn that it will answer Israel’s recent airstrike on Tehran’s diplomatic compound in Syria, raising concerns over a wider conflict in the...

Daily Memo: Israel Bombs an Iranian Consulate

Consulate attack. On April 1, the Israeli air force struck an Iranian consulate in Damascus, where military advisers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps...

Daily Memo: Biden on Arab Recognition of Israel

Gaza update. Speaking at a fundraiser in New York, U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly said Arab states were ready to fully recognize Israel as...

Daily Memo: North Korea Sanctions on Life Support, Hamas Chief Visits Tehran

Sanctions busters. Russia has started direct oil shipments to North Korea, a violation of U.N. sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime, according to analysis...

Daily Memo: Serbia Beefs Up Defenses, EU Reaches Ukraine Trade Deal

Plugging the defense gap. Serbia recently acquired essential components for its 2K12 Kub air defense system from Hungary. The deal includes procurement of target...

For the US, 2024 Isn’t 1973

The culture of the Israeli military was shaped in October 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked without warning. Importantly, the assault represented a direct...

Daily Memo: Palestinian Talks, EU Funding for Ukraine

No agreement. The head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has refused to participate in a trip to Moscow following a meeting of Palestinian...

The Gaza War: Where Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah Go From Here

Hamas’ attack on Israel last October defied logic. After decades of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, a rational actor could have easily predicted...

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Turmoil in the Middle East | ClubGPF Preview with George Friedman and Hilal Khashan

Middle East expert Hilal Khashan wrote in his January 23rd piece titled ‘The Middle East as a Powder Keg’ that resolving the region’s issues will be on hold pending resolution of the conflict in Gaza. In a recent ClubGPF live discussion, Dr. Khashan was joined by GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss current conditions, why Israel is reluctant to make any kind of deal, and what a Palestinian state could look like if one was created.

The Leighton Smith Podcast: George Friedman on Storms, Wars and the Potential for Peace

On this episode of NewstalkZB's Leighton Smith Podcast, GPF Chairman George Friedman is in studio to discuss the current wars raging in the Middle East and Ukraine, how peace might come to Ukraine, as well as the role of space in warfare.

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