George Friedman on The John Batchelor Show: Ukraine War Escalation and Shangri-La Spies

The idea that the war in Ukraine can be wrapped up quickly is a bygone notion. Following the recent collapse of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine, GPF Chairman George Friedman joins John Batchelor to discuss the ways in which the war has escalated, and where it may go from here. And in the second segment, what happened when the heads of intelligence of two dozen countries held a meeting in Singapore?


Geopolitical Futures
Geopolitical Futures (GPF) was founded in 2015 by George Friedman, international strategist and author of The Storm Before the Calm and The Next 100 Years. GPF is non-ideological, analyzes the world and forecasts the future using geopolitics: political, economic, military and geographic dimensions at the foundation of a nation.