Daily Memo: Turkey in Azerbaijan, Israeli Strikes in Syria

The Turkish parliament approved plans to send troops to monitor the Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire.

Turkish troops headed for Azerbaijan. The Turkish parliament approved a presidential decree to send troops to Azerbaijan for one year to help Russian peacekeepers monitor the cease-fire in Nagorno-Karabakh. Baku and Ankara will determine the exact location of the deployment. Turkey also will establish an observation post in Azerbaijan, from which it will monitor the cease-fire with the help of Turkish-operated drones. Israel hits Syrian targets. A series of Israeli strikes in Syria killed 10 fighters, five of whom are believed to be part of the Quds unit of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The strikes targeted two air defense positions outside Damascus in Sayyeda Zeinab and Kisweh, following the discovery a day earlier of explosive devices near an Israeli base in the Golan Heights. Kyrgyzstan builds bridges. Kyrgyz authorities are once again considering construction of the Upper Naryn hydropower plant, four years after it was halted following Kyrgyzstan’s withdrawal from an agreement committing Russia to construct and operate the plant. Separately, the two countries agreed to the resumption of Russian financial assistance for Kyrgyzstan at a meeting of representatives in Moscow. Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan’s foreign minister asked Beijing to help alleviate Kyrgyzstan’s foreign debt and reassured the Chinese government that […]

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