The Intelligence Dilemma

The United States claims to have identified a massive Russian intelligence operation meant to gather secrets from corporations and the government. The line from...

The Institutional Crisis and COVID-19

In “The Storm Before the Calm,” I wrote of two crises coming to a head in the 2020s: a socio-economic crisis and an institutional...

The Utility and Morality of Assassination

The head of the Iranian nuclear weapons program was killed Friday near Tehran. The assumption is that he was killed by the Israelis, whose...

China Stares Down a Financial Reckoning

One has to wonder what Jack Ma was thinking when, in a speech in Shanghai in late October, the Alibaba and Ant Group founder...

Russia’s Search for Strategic Depth

In 2005, in a speech delivered in front of Russia’s Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the fall of the Soviet Union...

Biden’s Dilemma

The election is over, and barring major fraud or error, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. He begins as...

The Illusion of Foreign Policy

No matter who becomes America’s next president, certain things will follow. The world will wonder what President Donald Trump’s foreign policy will be in...

What Happened to American Leadership?

International conferences for people in my profession are generally a thing of the recent past, having been replaced by virtual conferences via platforms like...

The Stability of Foreign Policy Amid Political Chaos

In the 1970s, President Richard Nixon stepped into the political and social chaos wrought by the Johnson administration and compounded it substantially. Hence, when...

In Search of a Solution to Russia’s Strategic Problem

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe in history. Though it may not be true...

Conflict in the Caucasus and the New American Strategy

During the Cold War, the United States opposed the Soviet Union wherever the Soviet Union sought to make inroads. Some interventions were necessary and...

As Turkey’s Economy Goes, So Goes Its Ambitions

Turkey’s economy is in dire straits. In September, the Turkish lira fell to a 20-year low as investors withdrew billions from Turkey’s currency bond...

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