On the Suez Canal and Chokepoints

I’ve often written about chokepoints – those narrow passageways, on land or at sea, that are essential for the movement of goods and people...

China’s Strategic Standpoint

One of the hardest problems of foreign policy is developing an accurate evaluation of a potential adversary’s intentions and capabilities, which are frequently separate...

B-52s in the Middle East

For all the world’s vastness and complexity, my attention is constantly drawn back to the Middle East, where there is much to think about....

The US, Iran and Bargaining Positions

The Iranian government has announced that it will not attend the first round of negotiations over restoring the agreement that limited its ability to...

America’s Iran Strategy

President Barack Obama’s administration had a primary goal in the Middle East: It did not want Iran to become a nuclear power. It did...

Speculating on China and Cuba

From a military standpoint, China is in a difficult position. It is a trading power and needs access to the global oceans. Its significant...

The Institutionalization of Crises

About a year after the COVID-19 pandemic introduced its new rules of survival, my wife and I risked life and limb for the chance...

Biden’s ‘Reversals’

Just about every U.S. president promises a new era of U.S. foreign policy. George W. Bush promised to abolish nation building as a goal....

A Major Contraction in Jobs

Some 140,000 Americans lost their jobs last month, the largest decline in employment since last April. Yet, the unemployment rate stayed at roughly 6.7...

Britain Returns to Its Past

As of Jan. 1, Britain has completed the process of leaving the European Union. The EU has assured all that dire consequences will haunt...

The Intelligence Dilemma

The United States claims to have identified a massive Russian intelligence operation meant to gather secrets from corporations and the government. The line from...

The Institutional Crisis and COVID-19

In “The Storm Before the Calm,” I wrote of two crises coming to a head in the 2020s: a socio-economic crisis and an institutional...

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