The Roots of Central Asian Rage


Nov. 3, 2017 No region is more vulnerable to the Islamic State than is Central Asia.

The Islamic State: Lessons in Crossing Boundaries


Aug. 4, 2017 The group is attracting the sort of attention that will make continued success hard to come by.

Uzbekistan Flirts With Disaster


July 11, 2017 It rarely ends well when secular Muslim autocracies employ religion for political purposes.

Islamic States and Muslim Secularism


April 18, 2017 Muslim-majority nations will struggle with the role of religion in politics for a long time to come.

The US Is Not Abandoning Asia


Feb 13, 2017 A look at US military and investment positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Kazakhstan Changing to Secure Continuity


Jan. 31, 2017 At stake is the stability of Central Asia.

Understanding Peace Talks


Jan. 23, 2017 Few formal peace negotiations actually lead to peace.

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