Why the US Cares About Somalia


May 10, 2017 The country is a test case for Washington’s balance-of-power strategy.

Hard Power Is Still King


July 20, 2017 In geopolitics, nice gestures and money don’t make the world turn.

How Important Is the US President – or Any Leader?


Nov. 10, 2016 Great leaders did not make history. History made them.

The Importance of Australia to the United States


Feb. 3, 2017 Personalities aside, both countries need each other.

Nationalism Is Rising, Not Fascism


May 31, 2016 The claims of an increase in fascism in Europe and the U.S. derive from a misunderstanding of the term.

Mexico’s Drug War Is No Closer to an End


Under the weight of government pressure, the cartels have fragmented but not broken.

France as a Northern and Southern European Power


March 13, 2017 The country holds a unique position on the Continent.

India: One State, Many Countries


May 19, 2016 As the rest of Eurasia slides further into crisis, the only thing getting in India’s way is India.

From the Intermarium to the Three Seas


July 7, 2017 Expansion makes sense for a grouping this ambitious.

The Middle East Since 9/11


Sept. 12, 2016 The region has changed significantly following the attacks 15 years ago.

The Future Germany Envisions


Nov. 8, 2017 Old international structures are failing, and Berlin intends to look out for itself.

How Instability in Central America Affects US-Mexico Relations


With increasing unrest and violence in the region, the U.S. is pushing for more immigration controls.

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