Islamic States and Muslim Secularism


April 18, 2017 Muslim-majority nations will struggle with the role of religion in politics for a long time to come.

China’s National Security Challenges


Feb. 20, 2017 Any change that restricts Chinese access to global markets is a threat.

The US Obsession with Cuba


March 22, 2016 Cuba’s location means more to the United States than any government in Havana.

China, Trade and Artificial Islands


China is trying to convince the world of its military prowess in the South China Sea, just as trade talks heat up.

Russia and China’s Alliance of Convenience


Dec. 26, 2017 A common enemy isn’t the basis for a stable, enduring partnership.

The Kurds: Not Quite a Nation


Dec. 8, 2016 Division between Kurdish groups makes them unreliable partners for the U.S.

Presidential Constraints


Aug. 21, 2017 The limits on a leader’s power – and thus a country’s options – aren’t only external.

A Weakening State in Azerbaijan


May 19, 2017 The country’s economic problems make it increasingly vulnerable to outside influences.

Will Artificial Intelligence Solve the Demographic Problem?


Jan. 11, 2017 Advanced industrialized countries have declining populations and need a way to maintain productivity.

The Blurry Line Between Religion and Secularism in Turkey


July 19, 2016 The divide between Islamists and secularists is not as clear as some believe.

Ideology Is Dead


The world is inching toward a new competition as a dominant power is challenged by other powers seeking to defend or achieve their national interests.

Turkey: Learning From the Ottomans’ Mistakes


Turkey’s president is determined to break the disconnect between perceived and real military capabilities.

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