Nationalism and Liberal Democracy


March 1, 2017 Tension between nationalism and liberal democracy is not what is haunting us today.

NATO, the Middle East and Eastern Europe


Feb. 22, 2017 NATO’s mission has shifted, but are its members willing to meet the new challenges?

Technocracy, Liberal Democracy and the Division of Our Time


Feb. 15, 2017 The idea that expertise ought to guide our political life is at odds with the principle of national self-determination.

US Strategies in the Middle East


Feb. 8, 2017 Washington must choose sides.

Immigration Chaos


Feb. 1, 2017 As long as illegal immigration is permitted, the foundations of American culture are at risk.

Thinking Through Trump’s Views on the Islamic State


Jan. 25, 2017 The president has said he will eradicate IS, but how might this happen?

NATO and the United States


Jan. 18, 2017 The president-elect has pointed out a reality many choose to ignore.

Trump, the Presidency and Policymaking


Jan. 11, 2017 What makes a president great isn’t what you think.

The Soviet Union and Russia: Tragedy and Farce


Dec. 28, 2016 Russia’s recent military adventures have mostly aimed to create an illusion of strength.

Israel’s Disappearing Act


Dec. 21, 2016 Israelis have benefited from not being a main focus in the Middle East.

Trump’s Dilemma


Dec. 16, 2016 The president-elect’s ability to make changes depends on whether his support rises or falls.

Trump’s Mad Dog


Dec. 7, 2016 It has become rare for top military officers to stand up to their civilian leaders.

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