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Phillip Orchard is an analyst at Geopolitical Futures. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Orchard spent nearly six years at Stratfor, working as an editor and writing about East Asian geopolitics. He’s spent more than six years abroad, primarily in Southeast Asia and Latin America, where he’s had formative, immersive experiences with the problems arising from mass political upheaval, civil conflict and human migration. Mr. Orchard holds a master’s degree in Security, Law and Diplomacy from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, where he focused on energy and national security, Chinese foreign policy, intelligence analysis, and institutional pathologies. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas. He speaks Spanish and some Thai and Lao.

The US Plays the Long Game in the South China Sea

Washington is content to accept the status quo in the region, so long as Beijing does as well.

China’s Unity in the Face of a Trade War

The economic cost is likely tolerable, but there’s a bigger issue at stake.

Japan: A Trade War That’s Easy to Avoid

Tokyo just wants to get this fight over with.

Resetting the Terms of North Korea Talks

The Pyongyang Declaration changes little but hints at a path forward.

The US and China Dig in on Trade

The trade war will only get bloodier from here.

The Limits of China’s Debt Trap

Can the Belt and Road Initiative really help Beijing expand its military presence?

In the Philippines, Coup Rumors Are Just Rumors

The days of political agitation by the military are long gone.

Free Trade in Asia Without the US

The “world’s largest free trade area” is unlikely to be much of an economic game-changer.

A Bigger Game in North Korea

More important countries are compelling the U.S. to move forward.

Beijing’s Banking Overhaul

China is considering a central bank reform to give itself more clarity and control.

Malaysia, Charting Its Own Course in Southeast Asia

China needs regional middle powers like Malaysia as much as they need China.

One Belt, Many Headaches

The centerpiece of BRI is in Pakistan, a place not known for its security or financial stability.