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Trump has kept a lot of his campaign promises, but not...

“‘…either Trump can’t label China a currency manipulator, or doesn’t want to,’ said Jacob Shapiro, director of analysis at Geopolitical Futures…” Full Story

Iran’s Strengthening Economy Is A Threat To The US—Not Nukes

Senior Analyst Kamran Bokhari, writing for Mauldin Economics. Full Story

US Strategies in the Middle East

George Friedman on new sanctions and President Donald Trump’s plans to crush IS Full Story

Unprecedented levels of opportunities, risks

“Delivering his address themed ‘The Next 100 Years: Exploring Scenarios for Government’ on Day 2 of the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai, Dr...

Japan’s precarious comeback trail

“Far more positive in the long term is Geopolitical Futures, which predicted this month that Japan will emerge as East Asia’s economic superpower over...

Dialogue with the author of The Next 100 Years

Interview with George Friedman at the 2017 World Government Summit. Full Story

Can Japan Become More Powerful Than China?

“By 2040, Japan will rise as East Asia’s leading power. This is one of our most controversial forecasts at Geopolitical Futures.” – George Friedman Full...

International relations to change as countries are forced to look inward

“The nature of world relations was bound to go into reverse, as technocratic multi-lateral institutions have started failing at solving the world’s problems, according...

Things are starting to unravel in Europe

Senior Analyst Antonia Colibasanu, writing for Mauldin Economics. Full Story

Trump’s Conventional Foreign Policy

“Hostile phones calls and threatening tweets do not a foreign policy make, so the strange call to the Australian prime minister probably doesn’t indicate...

Ukraine, Russia and Recent Fighting

What do flare-ups in eastern Ukraine tell us about the conflict? Senior Analyst Antonia Colibasanu takes a step back to understand the strategic position...

The Leading Power In East Asia Will Be Japan — Not...

George Friedman of Geopolitical Futures: Comparing Japan’s & China’s economies reveals how Japan will emerge as dominant power. Full Story