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Newsweek – Bolivian Lawmakers sent letter to Donald Trump Asking him...

Allison Fedirka, director of analyst operations for Geopolitical Futures, told Newsweek that ‘the U.S. would very much welcome regime change in Bolivia and could provide rhetoric to encourage such an outcome.” She explained, however, that ‘Bolivia does not rise to the same level of strategic importance for Washington as Venezuela.’” Full Story

U.S. and Russia Back Nuclear Projects on Opposite Side of Red...

’U.S. firms are considering forming a consortium that would partner with foreign companies—possibly some of South Korea’s state-run energy firms—to strengthen their candidacy. But they still face red tape at home when it comes to secure and best practices for nuclear energy deals, and that gives Chinese and Russian firms a point for flexibility,’ Geopolitical […]

Shifting Global Power: A conversation with George Friedman

China is a significant power. But is it capable of changing the global order? And will its Belt and Road Initiative be a success? George Friedman answers these questions and more via TRT World Full Story

Is Trump’s Anti-Iranian Arab Coalition Falling Apart? Egypt Reportedly Withdraws from...

’MESA’s success was always highly suspect. This is due to fundamentally divergent interest among its potential members,’ Xander Snyder, a global analyst at Geopolitical Futures, told Newsweek. ‘For a coalition theoretically focused on containing Iran, some of MESA’s members would have a much greater interest in actually putting skin in the game than others.’” Full […]

What is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps? Trump Designates Elite Iranian...

“Jacob Shapiro, director of analysis at Geopolitical Futures, told Newsweek that while the designation was severe, it was more of the same from the Trump administration, which has taken a consistently tough stance against Iran.” Full Story

Real Clear World – Armenia: Not Another Color Revolution

It took less than two weeks of protests for Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan to step down from the position. But as GPF’s Nora T. Kalinskij explains, unlike the revolution in Ukraine, in Armenia even the interim government will lean toward Russia. Full Story

What are US options against North Korea?

With North Korea successfully launching an ICBM, potential strategies have changed. So what are the rogue regime’s possible motive and what can the US do? George Friedman shares his insights. Full Story

Attack shows Mali as jihadi breeding ground

Kamran Bokhari: People go underground, and then they wait for an opportunity, when the coast is clear, or at least they perceive it to be clear. Full Story

Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman says U.S. attack on North Korea...

Friedman claims U.S. officials will be briefing Guam on civil defense, terrorism, and Korea on May 31st. Full Story

The World That World War II Built

George Friedman: A handful of battles from 1942 to 1943 redefined the global order as we knew it. Full Story