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Geopolitical Futures is a company that charts the course of the international system. It’s an ambitious mission, maybe even foolhardy, but hear us out.

Rare Earth Elements: Australia’s Resource Potential

Australia is pushing to challenge China’s dominance in the supply of materials commonly used in the defense and high-tech industries.

Cicero – A danger to Germany’s economy

Brexit was widely projected to be catastrophic for the U.K.’s economy. For a while after the 2016 referendum, it did not appear to have...

The Leighton Smith Podcast: Measles and George Friedman on China

The Chinese have found themselves in trouble. The United States has been demanding that they open their markets. The Chinese can’t open their markets because they can’t stand the internal competition, so we’re are asking for something they can’t give us. – George Friedman via The Leighton Smith Podcast Full interview

Real Clear World – The German Economy Is Running Out of...

It’s crunch time for Germany and the European Central Bank. For close to a decade, the ECB has been cutting interest rates while urging...

Bloomberg Markets – U.S. Can Withstand Trade War More Than China...

George Friedman talks about the anti-government protests in Hong Kong and the trade war between the U.S. and China. He speaks with Rishaad Salamat...

Israel and Hezbollah Exchange Fire

The weekend fighting marks an escalation in cross-border fighting.