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Allison Fedirka
Allison Fedirka is a senior analyst for Geopolitical Futures. In addition to writing analyses, she helps train new analysts, oversees the intellectual quality of analyst work and helps guide the forecasting process. Prior to joining Geopolitical Futures, Ms. Fedirka worked for Stratfor as a Latin America specialist and subsequently as the Latin America regional director. She lived in South America – primarily Argentina and Brazil – for more than seven years and, in addition to English, fluently speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Ms. Fedirka has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in international relations and affairs from the University of Belgrano, Argentina. Her thesis was on Brazil and Angola and south-south cooperation.

The US Rivalry With China Gets Closer to Home

Beijing’s interest in the Caribbean and Central America has gotten Washington’s attention.

Why Brazil’s Election Won’t End Its Political Crisis

The results of the first-round vote confirm that the crisis is far from over.

Is Belarus Pulling Away From Russia?

Times are tough, so Minsk is considering its options.

Breaking Rank in South America

Countries are starting to insist on handling the Venezuelan crisis in their own way.

Argentina’s Latest Bust Cycle

This time the debt troubles should stay localized.

Coping With Venezuelan Migration

South American countries are ill-prepared to deal with the influx of more people.

Canada’s Turn to Negotiate

Mexico was the easier partner in NAFTA talks.

The Next Steps in NAFTA Talks

Progress is being made, but slowly.

In Morocco, a Draft to Dodge Radicalization

The country could be a U.S. ally to contain Iran if malcontented youths don’t destabilize it first.

Diversifying Mexico’s Export Markets

The U.S. trade war is forcing Mexico to re-evaluate its own trade partnerships.

Trade and Security: The Two Sides of US-Indian Relations

New Delhi is a valuable partner to Washington on one but not the other.

Truth and Reconciliation and Violence in Mexico

The president-elect has a controversial plan to eliminate organized crime. Will it work?