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Allison Fedirka
Allison Fedirka is a senior analyst for Geopolitical Futures. In addition to writing analyses, she helps train new analysts, oversees the intellectual quality of analyst work and helps guide the forecasting process. Prior to joining Geopolitical Futures, Ms. Fedirka worked for Stratfor as a Latin America specialist and subsequently as the Latin America regional director. She lived in South America – primarily Argentina and Brazil – for more than seven years and, in addition to English, fluently speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Ms. Fedirka has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in international relations and affairs from the University of Belgrano, Argentina. Her thesis was on Brazil and Angola and south-south cooperation.

How Venezuela Aligned the Western Hemisphere

The U.S. finds itself aligned with the region. Can it capitalize on the opportunity?

An Afghan Peace Deal for Our Time?

The U.S. and the Taliban seem ready to make a peace deal. But they’ll need others at the table to make it last.

A New Chapter in US-Cuba Relations

The Trump administration is applying new measures to try to effect change on the island.

What’s Really at Stake in Venezuela’s Unrest

The country’s crisis is escalating with no end in sight.

Venezuela’s Opposition Takes a Chance on Change

The Venezuelan government is no stranger to protests, but the latest wave promises to be different.

Mexico’s New Foreign Policy: A Return to the Past

Mexico’s recently inaugurated president is reverting back to a noninterventionist foreign policy.

Brazil Finds More Than a Friend in Israel

The leaders of the two countries have made headlines recently for their budding friendship. But there’s more than a bromance driving their countries together.

Argentina, in Search of Another Economic Fix

With a global slowdown on the horizon, its tools for recovery are increasingly limited.

How Brazil Outgrew Mercosur

Years of dysfunction in the trade bloc are restricting Brazil’s global ambitions, and it needs a way out.

Tracing the Origins of Venezuela’s Crisis

The country’s current predicament was centuries in the making.

Mexico’s New President Can’t Avoid Old Problems

Regardless of his objectives, Lopez Obrador will find that he has to govern within certain parameters.

Colombia’s Fragile Stability

It’s better off than other countries in the region, but that’s not enough to cope with the challenges coming down the road.