Ukraine’s Biggest Supporters

One year in, the U.S. is by far Kyiv's most important backer.

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The War in Ukraine: A Year of Widespread Support
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Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and dozens of allies have sent military, financial and humanitarian assistance to Kyiv. Weapons support included things like Javelin anti-tank systems, armored personnel carriers, HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, air defense systems and drones. The scale of the foreign military support is starting to approach the entire Russian defense budget.

With the war having turned into one of attrition, it is more important than ever for each side to build up its supplies of effective equipment. To that end, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is seeking more aid, such as Western-made fighter jets. However, Western countries must take into account their own weapons stockpiles and defense, as well as the complexity of logistics and of training Ukrainian personnel on new equipment. There is also simmering public displeasure that the conflict is dragging out. For now, however, neither side looks ready to back down.

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