India: Falling Short of Great Power

Aug. 31, 2017 Internal disunity has held New Delhi back from projecting power throughout the subcontinent.

The Coming Crisis in South Asia

Oct. 13, 2016 Rising tensions in Kashmir mean the region can no longer be considered stable relative to the rest of Eurasia.

Radical Islam by a Different Means

Aug. 8, 2017 Islamist groups don’t become less extreme just because they enter the political mainstream.

The World in 2019: A Year on the Edge

One era is ending and another will soon begin.

Why Indonesia Doesn’t Choose Sides

Jakarta is pursuing what it characterizes as “strategic equidistance” between China and the U.S.

Saudi Investment in Pakistan Could Yield Global Returns

The deal could pay dividends for both parties, as well as the U.S., while costing Iran and China.