China’s Perspective on North Korea


June 2, 2016 Managing Pyongyang’s outbursts is a valuable tool for Beijing in its relationship with Washington.

Germany Looks to Ease Russian Sanctions


June 1, 2016 Berlin is performing a balancing act between Moscow and the West.

Nationalism Is Rising, Not Fascism


May 31, 2016 The claims of an increase in fascism in Europe and the U.S. derive from a misunderstanding of the term.

Population Density of Canada


May 28, 2016 Canada is one of those countries where a vast land mass obscures the fact that the country has a relatively small population. While Canada is the second largest country in the world, its 35 million inhabitants make Canada only the 39th most populated country.

In this way, Canada is similar to countries like Egypt, Russia and Australia. Egypt is a country of over 80 million people and its size is formidable on a map, yet most of its inhabitants are located on a thin strip of land about the size of the state of Maryland on either bank of the Nile River. For Russia, the world’s largest country by land mass, its population centers are located in the west, close to Europe, while the vast and desolate Siberian region is sparsely populated and not connected to Russian infrastructure. Australia – the world’s sixth largest country by land mass and a continent in its own right – has even fewer people than Canada (around 23 million), all living in cities along the coast. The interior of the country is unforgiving and inhospitable.

Europe’s Expanding Bank Crisis


May 27, 2016 As other problems divert attention, southern Europe’s banks continue to struggle.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Moral Necessity


May 26, 2016 Focusing only on casualty numbers ignores the broader context behind the decision to drop the bombs.

A Picture of American Empire


May 25, 2016 The U.S. wants to be liked, but knows it is feared.

Vietnam, the US and the Centrality of Geopolitics


May 24, 2016 Based on ideology, Washington should not sell weapons to Hanoi, but it is.

The Strategic Weakness of Targeted Killing


May 23, 2016 This strategy has done little to help the U.S. destroy terrorist organizations.

The Next Chapter for the Intermarium


May 20, 2016 Growing indications suggest a new alliance structure is forming.

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