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Thanksgiving: A Monument to a Nation

Here’s to a holiday that helped rescue the U.S. from its own self-destruction.

What to Expect From the Turkish Election

Would anything in Turkey change if Erdogan were defeated?

Frozen Peace: Where the Korea Standoff Goes From Here

An indefinite “freeze for freeze” may be all that’s obtainable.

China Taps the Brakes on Investment

A slowdown in investment portends a general economic slowdown.

Leaderless Europe

If France and Germany can’t offer leadership, EU members may go on without them.

Thinking About the Balkans

In the Balkans, nothing is forgotten, and nothing is forgiven.

The Latest Chapter in the European Migration Crisis

The European Union’s three largest members have had a rough week.

The US and Canada: The Ties That Bind

The U.S. needs Canada, and Canada needs the U.S.

In Turkey, Hard Choices Are Easier After an Election

The state of the economy has forced the president to call for snap elections.

Is the Russian Economy Defying Western Sanctions?

The country’s economy is improving, but the devil is in the details.

The G-7, Frozen in Time

It’s a product of an era that no longer exists.

The Rhetorical Battle Over China’s Rise

The era of wishful thinking about China’s emergence is ending. But what will actually change?

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