Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Will supply bottlenecks and logistical backlogs improve any time soon? Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka and analysts Ekaterina Zolotova and Francesco Casarotto discuss the latest IMF report on supply bottlenecks, political consequences and prospects for improvement, particularly in light of the fighting in Ukraine.

The World in 2022: Perspectives of Secondary Actors

What does the year have in store for the world’s smaller powers? Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka and analysts Ekaterina Zolotova and Francesco Casarotto discuss what’s to come in 2022 for Russia’s periphery, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Crisis in Russia’s Periphery

What’s behind the recent crises along Russia’s western border? Analysts Ridvan Bari Urcosta and Ekaterina Zolotova discuss the potential causes, impacts and long-term goals of those involved. Also, the analysts reflect on GPF’s 2021 Annual Forecast for the region.

Canada and Mexico – A Key to US Power

Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka and Analyst Philip Orchard explain why the United States should not take for granted the long-standing stability along the Canadian border nor its dominant position along its southern border with Mexico.

Energy Market Outlook

Chief Operating Officer Antonia Colibasanu and Analyst Ekaterina Zolotova discuss the long-term picture of the global energy market.

Post-COVID Geoeconomics

What crises are looming beyond the COVID-19 pandemic? Chief Operating Officer Antonia Colibasanu and Analyst Phillip Orchard discuss where the global economy may be headed as the long-term effects of the pandemic set in.

German Politics and Foreign Policy After Merkel

Following nearly 16 years of relative stability, some problems can’t be overlooked for much longer. Host Christian Smith and Editor Ryan Bridges discuss the future of German geopolitics.

Tensions Over Taiwan

What’s really going on in Taiwan? Host Christian Smith and East Asia expert Phillip Orchard discuss the struggle between China and Taiwan, and the United States’ involvement in a potential conflict.

Understanding the Five Eyes

What does intelligence cooperation look like in an increasingly technological world? Christian Smith, Allison Fedirka, and Phillip Orchard discuss the mysteries and misunderstandings about the world’s foremost intelligence alliance.

Is History Repeating Itself in Northern Ireland?

What’s behind the recent civil unrest in Northern Ireland? Is it changing demographics? Brexit? Covid? Or all of the above? Ryan Bridges and Christian Smith sit down for an extended discussion on the situation there and the wider geopolitical implications for Europe.

Dams, Rivers and Geopolitics

An increasing number of countries find themselves wrestling with the question of water supply and access for their populations and economies. Dam construction is an obvious way to increase control over water supplies, but the practice often comes with drastic consequences.

The Future of the Arab-Israeli Alliance

Shared concern over Iran's expansionist and bellicose activities in the Middle East has made Israel and Arab countries unconventional bedfellows. In this episode, Hilal Khashan and Allison Fedirka explore how Israeli-Iranian relationship lies at the heart of this regional dynamic, what that means for the future of this new alliance, and how it may affect any future US-Iranian nuclear deal.

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