Live Discussion: The Latest Chaos

  The chaos going on in the world today is not unique. As George Friedman explains in this week’s live discussion, the chaos, for example in the Middle East, is inherent in our geopolitical realities. Analysts Victoria Herczegh and Hilal Khashan bring their expertise in the Middle East and China to break down the current […]

China’s Economic Slowdown

What does a struggling Chinese economy mean for the rest of the world? Analysts Victoria Herczegh and Ekaterina Zolotova join host Christian Smith to discuss the current state of China’s economy, its weakening growth and what that means for global geopolitics, particularly for nations involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Live Discussion: The Israel-Hamas War

Almost three weeks after Hamas' unprecedented Oct. 7 attack on Israel shocked the world, there are still so many questions that need to be...

France and the Sahel

Is the recent coup in Niger a turning point in the geopolitics of Africa’s Sahel region? What could this mean for France? Analyst Ronan Wordsworth joins host Christian Smith for a discussion on the past, present and future of Franco-African relations.

Live Discussion: What Comes Next?

Developments in Russia, China, and the US are having wide-reaching impacts on the military, political, and economic fronts. For our 100th ClubGPF live discussion,...

Geopolitical Swing States

Which countries exist on the blurred lines of geopolitics? How do they shift the balance of power between major forces like the US and China? Analysts Ridvan Bari Urcosta and Ekaterina Zolotova and Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka join host Christian Smith to discuss the recent Goldman Sachs report, The Rise of Geopolitical Swing States by Jared Cohen.

The Quadcast

What is the Quad and what do its members want from it? Analyst Ronan Wordsworth and GPF contributor Kamran Bokhari join host Christian Smith for a discussion on the present and future of the Quad and what China thinks about this security alliance between the US, India, Japan and Australia.

Live Discussion: Focus on Central Asia

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Central Asian countries have been working to develop their own independent economies, while still having strong economic...

Live Discussion: June 2023 Charter Member Discussion

This video is restricted to Charter members only

Live Discussion: America Flanks China

 For years under Xi Jinping's rule, the Chinese have been attempting to gain traction in the Pacific, while the Americans continue to push them...

Big China and Small States

What is China’s approach to small states today? Analysts Victoria Herczegh and Ronan Wordsworth join host Christian Smith for a discussion on China’s diplomatic clash with the U.S. in the Pacific, friction with Lithuania, and their changing attitudes towards Africa.

Live Discussion: What Would Russia Look Like if it Collapses?

How will the Russians be able to end the war in Ukraine without collapsing, and how does Putin come out still in power? Based...

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