Live Discussion: The Changing Landscape of Threats

Geopolitical and national security threats are constantly changing and evolving, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. In this week’s ClubGPF live discussion, Rear Admiral (ret) Douglas Fears, Former U.S. Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to the President joined GPF Chairman George Friedman to discuss a wide range of threats from cyber to denial of service, […]

Live Discussion: April 2024 Charter Member Discussion

This video is restricted to Charter members only

The Importance of India

What’s on the horizon for the world’s largest democracy? GPF contributor Kamran Bokhari joins host Christian Smith for a discussion on the geopolitical implications of India’s upcoming election, how it can continue its balancing act between the US, China and the rest of the world, and why it has cause for concern over the recent ISIS attack in Moscow.

Live Discussion: The Global South

Power structures are changing, and at Geopolitical Futures, there are a lot of developments we are watching for in the evolving Global South. What...

In Defense of Europe

European defense has been a controversial issue since the end of the Cold War. Senior Analyst Antonia Colibasanu and analyst Victoria Herczegh join host Christian Smith to discuss NATO, the European Union, Ukraine, Russian aggression, and other complexities of European security.

Live Discussion: Turmoil in the Middle East

Middle East expert Hilal Khashan wrote in his January 23rd piece titled 'The Middle East as a Powder Keg' that resolving the region's issues...

Latin America on the Brink

What’s on the horizon for Latin America in 2024? Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka joins host Christian Smith to discuss the difficulties facing two of the regions' largest economies, Brazil and Argentina.

Live Discussion: The Challenges of Intelligence

How do intelligence failures happen? What are the ramifications for such failures? In this week's ClubGPF discussion, GPF Chairman George Friedman examines the different...

The World in 2023: Perspectives Beyond Ukraine and Gaza

With the wars in Ukraine and Gaza dominating much of the discourse, what else stands out in geopolitics this year? Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka, analyst Victoria Herczegh and GPF contributor Kamran Bokhari join host Christian Smith to reflect on some of the other key geopolitical consequences of the year: Central Asia’s opening, the emergence of Japan and India, and China’s economic slowdown and relationship with the Global South.

Live Discussion: Forecast for the United States

  Starting this week, Geopolitical Futures is publishing weekly country and regional Forecasts as we head into the New Year. GPF Chairman George Friedman leads...

The Shifting Middle East

After several years of seemingly improved relations between Israel and parts of the Middle East, the war between Hamas and Israel has sparked fears of a wider regional conflict. Host Christian Smith speaks with GPF contributor Kamran Bokhari for a deep dive on how other powers in the region see the conflict, what they want to happen next, and whether Middle Eastern geopolitics have fundamentally changed.

Live Discussion: The Latest Chaos

  The chaos going on in the world today is not unique. As George Friedman explains in this week's live discussion, the chaos, for example...

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