The Potential War Map of Eastern Europe

The second installment of this series focuses on the map on which Russia’s and NATO’s Eastern European military policies could converge.

Daily Memo: Turkey in Syria, Russia in Armenia, China in the...

Tensions between Russia and Turkey may escalate, and Russia's defense minister visits Armenia.

Obama, Trump and the Wars of Credibility

The United States is in the process of shifting a core dimension of its strategic doctrine. In the past, the U.S. resorted to the...

The Futility of Protests in Iraq and Lebanon

The governments are structurally disinclined to accommodation.

Daily Memo: Iraqi Protests, the Chinese Plenum, the Argentine President

Protests in Iraq show no signs of letting up, and Chinese Communist Party leaders gather for their plenary session.

China and the US Are Dealing With the Easy Stuff

Beijing and Washington have yet to tackle the core grievances of the trade war.

Daily Memo: Syrian Oil, UK Elections, Yuan Negotiations

The U.S. announces a new troop deployment to Syria, and the Conservatives and Labour can't agree on a date for a U.K. election.

Exploring the Eastern Flank of the European War Theater

The first installment of this two-part series focuses on the doctrines that Russia and the West have developed to counter each other in the rimlands.

Protests in Chile and the Government’s Response

The country is struggling to decide what role the armed forces should play in domestic affairs.

Daily Memo: Discontent in Lebanon, Trouble for Banks, Russia in Serbia

The Lebanese government suggests a reshuffle to quell protests, and more problems for the banking sector may be on the horizon.

The Enchantment of Mutually Assured Destruction

One of the most extraordinary facts of history is that during the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union never launched a...

Daily Memo: Stabilizing Syria, Parsing a Brexit Vote, Conceding in China

The Russian and Turkish presidents strike a deal on northern Syria, and the U.K. edges closer to approving Brexit agreement.