Daily Memo: Phase One Complete, the Russian Government Resigns

The trade war will continue despite some initial agreements.

Palace Intrigue and Paranoia in North Korea

Pyongyang has welcomed in the new year by hinting that something isn’t quite right in the Hermit Kingdom.

Daily Memo: Cease-Fires on Battlefields and Trade Wars

Trade deal details leaked. The details of the “phase one” trade deal expected to be inked this week by Chinese and U.S. trade delegations in D.C. are starting to leak. According to Reuters, the South China Morning Post and others, China will agree to purchase some $200 billion in U.S. goods per year, including $75 […]

Evaluating the Importance of Recent Events

There are moments when the entire world seems to be coming apart, as if Armageddon itself were upon us. Public attention tends to be...

Daily Memo: Taiwan’s Elections, Iran’s Protests

Voters rebuke China while new protests take place in Iran.

The Limits of Germany’s Economic Outreach to Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Moscow on Saturday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Over more than three and a half hours...

Daily Memo: Downed Planes and Failed Cease-fires

The world continues to react to tensions in the Middle East.

For Turkey, a New Chapter in an Old Rivalry

The Mediterranean is once again a key focus of Turkish power projection ambitions.

Daily Memo: Iran Retaliates

Tensions remain, but for now there’s a chance to avoid an immediate spiral toward all-out war.

The UAE’s Bipolar Foreign Policy

Under the leadership of Mohammad bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi has become militarily adventurist, even as it subverts itself to the U.S.

Daily Memo: Iran-Iraq Update, a Standoff in the South China Sea,...

Iran considers its response to the Soleimani killing, and Chinese boats cruise through Indonesia's exclusive economic zone.

The Kenya Attack and Soleimani’s Killing

The timing, target, execution and history of economic ties mean we should consider whether the two events are linked.