George Friedman’s Thoughts: Geopolitical Determinism

Having written a great deal on space and enchantment, it is time to come down to earth. I want to return to the central thesis of geopolitics as I practice it: the idea of geopolitical determinism. I differ from other people who write on geopolitics in two senses. While I regard geography as a fundamental […]

Daily Memo: Iran’s Uranium Enrichment, US-China Trade Talks, Beijing Concessions

Iran announces an increase in its uranium enrichment levels, and U.S.-China trade talks hit a snag.

If Firms Leave China, Will US Tariffs Follow?

Expanding the trade war to other manufacturing hubs could hurt the United States’ overarching goals.

Daily Memo: Hardships in Turkey, Signs of Hope for Qatar, an...

Reports show declining economic conditions in Turkey, and signs indicate efforts to resolve a rift in the Gulf.

Toward a Theory of Journalistic Objectivity

Last Sunday, I received an email from a close friend telling me and others that after 60 years he was canceling his subscription to...

Daily Memo: An East Asian Trade Deal, a Reprieve for Huawei,...

Asian countries near the signing of a trade pact, and the U.S. eases pressure on Huawei.

Inching Toward the End of the Conflict in Syria

Outside players are still struggling for control – and the power to define postwar Syria.

Daily Memo: Iran in Iraq, Threats in Germany, START in Russia

Iran and Iraq agree to link their power grids, and Germany faces a threat from right-wing extremism.

In South America, US Influence Faces a Backlash

As countries start to feel the effects of an economic downturn, they’ll push back against the U.S. economic order.

Daily Memo: US-China Trade Talks, North Korean Missile Tests, Israel on...

The U.S. and China will reportedly meet on Friday for further trade negotiations, and North Korea fires two projectiles into the Sea of Japan.

George Friedman’s Thoughts: Flipping the Cards

Let me turn over some cards. Reasonable people (every one of you, I’m sure) are likely wondering what in the world I am doing, swinging from discussions of enchantment to the benefits of solid over liquid propellants in missiles, and back again. The motivation is embedded in my life; I have been asked to write […]

Daily Memo: Targeting Turkey, Cold War Games, German Economic Figures

The U.S. House of Representatives approves a bill to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, and Russia conducts its largest submarine drills since the 1990s.