The Pitfalls of US Power


March 21, 2016 Applying a balance of power strategy is easier in the abstract than in practice.

Mexico as a Major Power

March 21, 2016

Regime Change, State Disintegration and Jihadists

March 21, 2016 In the Arab world, Western-style governance models are unlikely to succeed in the future because of the autocratic nature of the regimes in crisis, as well as their challengers.

The Week: Elections, Russians and Missiles


March 19, 2016 The U.S. presidential candidates grabbed headlines, while events in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula also took center stage.

Hungary, Poland and Illiberal Democracy


March 18, 2016 In a liberal democracy, the people have the right to vote for illiberal policies.

The Challenges in Solving Brazil’s Political Crisis

March 17, 2016 Many are fed up with corruption and economic stagnation, but various camps see different ways forward.

Hyper-Democracy and the Rise of Trump


March 17, 2016 Primary elections lend weight to political extremes.

Syria and Unwarranted Optimism


March 16, 2016 Since Putin announced Russia’s withdrawal, diplomats and media have been unreasonably hopeful about the future of the Syrian civil war.

Russia’s Strategy After Syria

March 16, 2016 After withdrawing its troops, Moscow will concentrate on threats in its own backyard.

Why Putin Went into Syria


March 15, 2016 Russia’s true intentions didn’t have much to do with propping up the Assad regime.

China’s Problem with Non-Performing Loans

March 15, 2016 Another dimension to Beijing’s economic crisis brought on by slowing growth.

The US Pivot to Everywhere


March 14, 2016 U.S. strategy demands more of a pirouette than a pivot.