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Xander Snyder is an analyst at Geopolitical Futures. He has a diverse theoretical and practical background in economics, finance and entrepreneurship. As an investment banker, Mr. Snyder worked in corporate debt origination and later in a consumer-retail industry group at Guggenheim Securities, participating in transactions ranging from mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital raises, spin-offs and split-offs to principal investing and fairness opinions. He has worked on more than $4 billion worth of transactions. He subsequently co-founded and served as CFO for Persistent Efficiency, an energy efficiency company that used cutting-edge technology to create a new type of electricity sensor for circuit breakers and related data services. In his role, he was responsible for raising more than $1.5 million in seed capital and presented to some 70 venture capital and angel investors in the process. He also signed four Fortune 500 companies as customers, managed all aspects of company accounting, budgeting and cash flow, investor relations, and supply chain and inventory management. In addition to setting corporate strategy, he helped grow the company from two people to a 12-person team. As an independent financial consultant, Mr. Snyder wrote an economics publication for a financial firm that went out to more than 10,000 individuals and assisted in deal sourcing for a real estate private equity fund. He is an active real estate investor and an occasional angel investor. Mr. Snyder received his bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, in economics and classical music composition from Cornell University.

The Centurieslong Contest for the Black Sea

The region has been the subject of countless conflicts, and the fighting isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Kenya’s Railway to Debt

The terms of a Chinese loan appear to put Kenyan sovereignty at risk.

Oil in 2019: Booms, Busts and the United States

Low oil prices will help some and harm others.

A Newfound Interest in Sudan’s Unrest

Regional powers with a vested interest will pay close attention to how it shakes out.

The US Leaves Syrian Kurds High and Dry

Washington’s plans to withdraw from Syria will pave the way for Ankara’s offensive on Kurdish-held territory east of the Euphrates River.

Hezbollah and Israel in a Security Spiral

As the two try to deter each other, they may instead move closer to war.

On US Involvement in the War in Yemen

Can Congress really put the brakes on U.S. support for the Saudis in Yemen?

In Western Sahara Peace Talks, There’s More Than Meets the Eye

A recent meeting between Morocco and the Polisario Front is the result of many forces at work, including competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Saudi Arabia and Iran Compete in the Periphery

What interests have brought these Middle Eastern powers to Nigeria?

Standing on Guard for an Economic Crisis in Canada

Canada’s debt is piling up, making it more vulnerable to a recession and less likely to snap out of one quickly.

Why Iran Might Cut Its Losses in Yemen

Iran is overstretched, and the war in Yemen may not be worth fighting for much longer.

Greece and Turkey Hit Rough Waters in the Aegean Sea

Athens has signaled it may expand its maritime boundaries, and Ankara isn’t happy about it.