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Nationalism and Liberal Democracy

George Friedman explains how nationalism – however distorted it might become – is the root of liberal democracy, not only historically, but also morally. The two concepts are intellectually...

The War Between the President and the Press

A war has broken out between the president and the press, writes George Friedman. Full Story

A Significant Iranian Military Exercise

“The main adversary that Iran is planning for in these exercises is not the United States, nor is it Iraq. It is Saudi Arabia.” – Jacob L. Shapiro Full Story

4 Warning Signs Of Instability In Russia

George Friedman: Geopolitical Futures forecasted that 2017 will be “an inflection point in the long-term destabilization of Russia.” Full Story

Surveillance: Virginia’s McAuliffe Criticizes Trump’s First Month

Radio Interview: George Friedman, founder of Geopolitical Futures, says Trump is playing cleanup on immigration enforcement from Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. Full Story

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China’s President Is in Trouble

The Chinese president has failed to manage the country’s relationship with its most important trade partner.

The New US Strategy to Remove Maduro in Venezuela

The Venezuelan president is motivated now more than ever to accept a transition deal.

The Origins of New US-Turkish Relations

For several years, there has been a significant shift underway in U.S. strategy toward the Middle East, where Washington has consistently sought to avoid combat. The United States is now compelled to seek accommodation with Turkey, a regional power in its own right, based...