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The Stalled Conflict in Ukraine will be Formalized

Both sides — the Ukrainian army and Russian-backed separatists — accuse each other of starting the most recent fighting. To understand why this is...

China’s Economy Continues to Decline

Sustained double-digit economic growth is possible when you begin with a wrecked economy. But China’s economic miracle, like that of Japan before it, is...

Here’s why nations go to war over water

“Access to and control over water is a strategic imperative for all countries. As such, it has been a source of conflict throughout history.”...

The U.S., Turkey, and the Kurds

Washington and Ankara appear to be reaching a resolution on their long-standing conflict over the Syrian Kurds. – Eric Czuleger Full Story

Nationalism and Liberal Democracy

George Friedman explains how nationalism – however distorted it might become – is the root of liberal democracy, not only historically, but also morally....

The War Between the President and the Press

A war has broken out between the president and the press, writes George Friedman. Full Story

A Significant Iranian Military Exercise

“The main adversary that Iran is planning for in these exercises is not the United States, nor is it Iraq. It is Saudi Arabia.”...

4 Warning Signs Of Instability In Russia

George Friedman: Geopolitical Futures forecasted that 2017 will be “an inflection point in the long-term destabilization of Russia.” Full Story

Surveillance: Virginia’s McAuliffe Criticizes Trump’s First Month

Radio Interview: George Friedman, founder of Geopolitical Futures, says Trump is playing cleanup on immigration enforcement from Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton. Full Story