The Geopolitics of the
Coronavirus Pandemic

The outbreak has never been strictly a medical crisis. It is also an economic and social crisis, the geopolitical ramifications from which will grow starker as governments struggle, however successfully, to ensure the safety of their countries and the people who live there.


Modeling the US Reaction to the Coronavirus

There are four distinct processes at work in every country, but each nation’s response must be understood on its own terms.

The Beginning of Social Dysfunction

The only medical solution to the coronavirus outbreak has created an unsustainable social crisis.

Medical, Economic, Social, Military: The State of Play

We are only at the beginning of the social revolt. For many, the pressure of the system will inevitably overwhelm the fear of death.

Recent Analysis: Covid19

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Four Coronavirus Lessons That We Will (or Won’t) Learn

How would we respond differently if another outbreak happened?

George Friedman on Deep Dish: The 2020s and the Rebuilding of America

Geopolitical forecaster George Friedman predicts the 2020s will be a decade of storm and strain for the United States, followed by a period of prosperity. He joins The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Deep Dish podcast to examine the institutional and socioeconomic cycles of upheaval that have rebuilt and reinvented American life in the past and explains why he’s still optimistic about the future.

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