About Dynamic Forecast Tracker

Introducing the Dynamic Forecast Tracker Forecasting is at the heart of what we do at GPF. At the end of each calendar year, our team takes a step back from the daily comings and goings of world affairs to ask some larger, deceptively simple questions. What is happening today? What is going to happen next year? What are the most important factors that affect these processes? And what kinds of insights can our methodology, which emphasizes the role of impersonal forces and geography in shaping political decisions and outcomes, tell us about what might transpire in the year ahead? The fruits of our labor take shape as the annual forecast, which we publish in December every year. Our annual forecast is not just a set of interesting predictions, nor is it a marketing gimmick to differentiate ourselves from the competition. The annual forecast is a distillation of what will define the world for the next 12 months, and an exploration of how it will change the course of history. The Daily Work of Analysts And yet, considering how important the annual forecast is to our work, we have always been dissatisfied with how we account for our predictions. For years, […]
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